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The Mobile Home Gourmet

You don't need a luxury kitchen to prepare gourmet meals at home. My name is Dennis and I live in a mobile home in a trailer park. This is from my kitchen.

This Week's Feature Recipe:

Venison Backstrap

I am not a hunter, nor do I know where venison might be sold in the town where I live. It might be available per special order. However, a friend received a gift of frozen meats from his uncle and he gave some to me. Among the cuts were pieces of venison backstrap. Backstrap is muscle that runs alongside the spine. It is supposed to be a very tender and lean cut because the muscle isn't used much, as opposed to the leg. A common way to prepare it is to wrap the pieces in bacon and grill. I chose prosciutto. If you like venison and you have access to it, this preparation works well.

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