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My Keto Diet Journey

Sunday 2019.4.7

What Are Net Carbs?

It took me a while to figure out the whole net carbs thing. If I eat some broccoli that has 12 grams carbohydrates and 6 grams fiber, I need count only 6 grams (12 minus 6). Why? The fiber is not digested. It doesn't contribute to blood sugar and therefore it doesn't trigger the release of insulin. But it's good for the digestive track and it has other health benefits. So if it doesn't contribute to my fat weight, why deduct it from the carbs that do?

A little research revealed some science. Fiber inhibits the body's ability to absorb those other carbs and convert them into blood sugar, which can then contribute to body fat. In other words, fiber makes carbs less fattening. And thus the deduction.

My Week in Review

How did my week go? Here is the report from my database:

Monday morning stands out. My weight dropped a lot and when I went into the kitchen to make my morning coffee I started experiencing dizzy spells. At one point I was sure I was going to faint; so I immediately lied down on the floor and stayed there until I felt better. I suspect it might have been dehydration. According to one web site, one of the common mistakes people make on a keto diet is not drinking enough water. I increased my water intake and felt much better during the day.

One of my friends here in the trailer park is a sports coach and she sometimes deals with athletes who experience a sudden crash due to dehydration or loss of electrolytes. She told me to keep a bottle of Pedialyte in my home. She doesn't like Gatorade or Powerade because they contain extra unneeded ingredients, like excess sugar (carbs) that most people don't need to remain hydrated. Pedialyte is for children. It contains the needed minerals without all that extra stuff. I now have a bottle in a kitchen cabinet.

As usual, I uploaded my latest Keto Vlog to YouTube, discussing this week's progress and some information I learned in my reading. You can watch it with this graphic link:


Overall, the week went very well. My weekly average dropped by nearly four pounds. Even disregarding the extremely low weight on Monday, my loss would have been 3.7 pounds. So Monday's weight didn't artificially inflate my loss much.

Next week should be a different story. As I start retaining water again my weight might increase or drop very little. Still, nearly four pounds for one week is really good.