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My Keto Diet Journey

Sunday 2019.8.18

Week 33

I enjoyed very little success this week on my diet, having lost slightly more than I gained last week. Monday's weight was excellent and it gave me hope I'd see a significant loss for week 33. However, as the week progressed the scale went up again. Here are my numbers:

If you've been following My Blog, you know that I bought a keto blood test meter. I did a video of the unboxing and my first use of the meter. Click the following image to view the video on YouTube:


The results of the test were not spectacular. My meter reported a 0.5 mmol/L measurement. One source I found said a good target is between 0.6 and 1.5. So my reading means negligible ketones were found in my blood. Is that good or bad?

I did more research and learned that even an expensive meter isn't the best measurement of success. If the body is producing ketones to burn instead of glucose and it uses most of those ketones for energy, there won't be a lot floating around to be detected by a meter. What is the best measurement of success? It's what I've been saying all along — the bathroom scale.

As I said above, it wasn't a really good week, but it was good enough to keep me on track to reach my goal by next summer. As for the meter, I'll use it occasionally to see how my ketones are doing — maybe once a week. There are circumstances, such as several hours after I eat Chinese buffet with friends (or don't), that might be worth a measurement.

As for cooking this week, I tried nothing new. I made more of my keto-friendly Cheddar Broccoli Soup, which I thoroughly enjoy. I watched a doctor's video about keto dieting. She recommended a product called Keto BHB, which is sold by CVS Pharmacy. The one up the street (they are as ubiquitous as Starbucks coffee shops) is out of stock, but the one near where I meet friends for our semi-weekly news discussion group had some. I looked, but I could not find it. And the store staff seemed uninterested in customer service.

Sunday 2019.8.11

Week 32

I sort of gave up this week. I threw in the towel. I called it quits. But, I said, "sort of."

I didn't quit eating keto friendly foods. I remained faithful to my diet. But I was so hoping to see numbers as good as last week when I lost nearly a pound. This week I saw another small gain. I can probably describe it with another cliché: Two steps forward, one step back.

I've said this so many times, I'm almost tired of saying it, but once again I focused on the number in the Average Lost field. It remains at 0.8. I'm losing weight. Yes, next summer seems like a very long way away, but I once felt that way about retirement too. And look at me now. I have been gainfully unemployed for eight years.

So here are my numbers:

And I decided this week it was time to get more serious about keto. It's not that I haven't been serious for more than seven months. I've lost about 25 pounds. But how successful am I? A little? A lot? Is there more I can do? How would I know? The urine test strips are only useful during the first few weeks. After the body becomes acclimated to using ketones instead of carbohydrates, fewer ketones are detectable in the urine or breath because the body is using them for energy.

This week I finally ordered a keto blood test meter. They're expensive, but supposedly they're the only way to get an accurate reading of ketosis. I looked closely at different models, read reviews, and compared prices and features. Keto-Mojo is the most popular, but it requires a chip to be inserted, which comes with each box of test strips. Instead, I chose KetoSens, which costs a little less, but it supposedly requires less blood and there are no chips. The box of 50 additional KetoSens test strips costs $3 more, but I saved $17 by ordering their meter.

I mentioned in the past that the best indicator of success is the loss of weight. However, a meter might give me a better picture of my progress and maybe reduce the number of these occasional setbacks. And if I can improve my keto diet, maybe I can reach my goal sooner.

And I can see another Kitchen Vlog opportunity. I'll try to do a video of the unboxing and testing. In the meantime, I've been trying to find a PDF of the manual so that I can study in advance.

Sunday 2019.8.04

Week 31

This week was a good one. It started off very well. On Monday and Tuesday I recorded two new low weights. Tuesday's weight was the first time I saw 200 on the scale since I began this diet plan. The latter half of the week didn't go so well. My weight climbed back up to 203. Why?

There were two factors this week. On Monday I did not go out for Chinese buffet with friends. One friend was on vacation out of state; another friend was taking the day off from work. So I was hoping to see low weights throughout the week. The second factor was the addition of Cheddar Onion Soup. I put four mugs of the soup in the refrigerator and I have been heating and enjoying one each day for lunch. I drank the last one yesterday.

Whether or not those two factors had any impact on my weight, I don't know. The numbers might have been only random fluctuations that occur naturally anyway.

Here are this week's numbers.

On the positive side, I lost almost a pound this week and my Average Lost continues to hold at 0.8 pound per week. I am keeping up with my goal. As such, it was a successful week.